Top 10 Game Related Pick Up Lines

It’s no secret that us gamers often have a tough time talking to the opposite sex. I know I do. We spend so much time interacting online that introducing yourself IRL (in real life) can be a really daunting prospect. Especially to someone attractive, someone you really want to introduce yourself to, but have no idea how.

“What should I say? How should I stand? Does he / she think I’m a nerd for memorising my GTA cheat codes?”

What if I were to tell you that we have your bases covered?

Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Game Related Pick Up Lines and give it a shot the next time you’re unsure how to break the ice!

And remember, gamers have many lives! Just try again if you fail the first time around!

  1. I’m always the fastest at racing games, but in the bedroom, it takes a looooong time for me to Burnout!


  1. Are you Sonic? Because I’d jump through any hoop for you.


  1. I think my auto-aim is broken. I can’t take my eyes off you!


  1. Would you like to see the Shadow of my Colossus?


  1. I need an extra heart. Could I have yours?


  1. I wish I were the Prince of Persia. I’d keep turning back time to the moment I first saw you.


  1. Are you a Necrolyte? Because you’re an absolute heart stopper!


  1. Call me Nathan Drake. I’m here to explore your Uncharted territories.


  1. Would you like to meet my Solid Snake?


  1. Are you Hitmonchan? Because you’re an absolute knockout!

Honestly, tell us if any of those pick-up lines work. We really need to know.


For…uh…research purposes.


Red Bull Malaysia esports Team