Red Bull Malaysia Launches eSports Platform for Local Market


The eSports industry has grown exponentially over the last 5 years and 2015 was a crucial year for the South East Asian market. With the advent of large-scale tournaments offering rich prize pools and high attendance, Red Bull Malaysia (RBM) eSports has emerged to cater to a growing and ravenous gaming community.

Red Bull, the #1 energy drink globally and in Malaysia, has made a name for itself by satisfying the high energy needs of individuals during strenuous occasions of work and play. eSports demands the very best from its athletes, who require peak performance during gruelling tournament gauntlets and who must endure protracted training sessions. Red Bull fuels the budding e-Athlete in all of us and furnishes the boost we need to elevate ourselves to the next level of competitive gaming.

Over the course of 2016, RBM will launch a series of eSports tournaments via its Red Bull Coliseum (RBC) platform and host gaming-related content via its Red Bull E-Sports Zone (RBEZ) portal. RBC tournaments aim to bridge the gap between grassroots eSports events for semi-pros and elite Professional tier tournaments. RBEZ will host exciting eSports centric content in support of Red Bull events, cover the on-goings of the eSports world and also the lifestyle surrounding eSports and its athletes.

We’re extremely excited for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you both in the Zone and battling it out in the Coliseum!