Red Bull Coliseum FIFA 16 Recap


Two days, 600 spectators, 256 players and one winner, congratulations to Kickers.Ash for taking first place and RM5,000 home.


Red Bull Coliseum (RBC) FIFA ‘16 was Red Bull Malaysia’s first major eSports tournament and it finished on a high note after a fun but grueling 48 hours of spirited competition. The tournament was held at The Studio KL @ Nexus Bangsar South on July 23-24, 2016, with 256 participants and over 600 spectators.

Red Bull E-Sports Zone (RBEZ) is proud to bring you a recap of the two day event along with some awesome video footage.

RBC FIFA ‘16 kicked off in style as players and fans gathered to experience one of the most competitive FIFA ‘16 tournaments in the region. Newcomers and free agents of all skill levels showed up as did large FIFA clans/teams such as Infinite, Immortals, and Kickers. The action was fast-paced and frenetic as the best rose to the top.

With RM10,000 up for grabs, we even had competitors from across the causeway show up for a piece of the action. The pool saw first place bringing home RM5,000, 2nd place RM3,000 and 3rd place RM2,000.

Day 1

When we arrived at The Studio, players and fans were already swarming to enter the venue. As part of their registration packet, players were able to claim a RBC limited edition T-shirt, a chop for the buffet and three coupons for ice-cold energizing Red Bull (both Red Bull 25% Less Sugar aka RBX and Red Bull Gold aka RBG were available) from the beautiful Red Bull brand ambassadors.

The Red Bull Malaysia, Gamesbond, and Fallout Gaming crews did a fantastic job keeping the tournament running smoothly. Players were happy, well-fed and energized so they could devote their attention to the tournament. The crews were seen managing everything from the registration counter to the head stalling Red Bull Endurance Test with a smile.

The Red Bull Endurance Test was a competition to determine who could Head Stall the ball for the longest duration to win an official EURO ‘16 football and RBC t-shirt. One amazing contestant was able to achieve an impressive 35 seconds within the first few hours of the competition!

Simultaneously, a photo competition for “Best Celebration” on Facebook was conducted. The top photo won a copy of the FIFA ‘17 game, with 2nd and 3rd places winning a PS4 controller and RBC t-shirt, respectively.

Now onto the actual tournament, which was hosted by an enthusiastic young man with a golden voice who never failed to entertain the crowd, Muhammad “Flava” Farouq, along with the great crew at Gamesbond. Under their watchful eyes, the 256-player group stage proceeded smoothly and punctually. With multiple quality matches playing out at the same time, everyone’s excitement could be heard throughout the day.

Matches were won and lost, but no player left empty handed as they were greeted by Adrian Gaffor, Managing Director of Fallout Gaming, as he presented every participant with a RBC certificate and a friendly smile.

As the day wound down, there was a jubilant mood in the air as players and supporters prepared for the following day’s group stage matches.

Day 2
Day 2 started off with the continuation of the group stages as participants attempted to secure the final spots for the 64. The single-elimination tournament phase was a tense, competitive format that ultimately revealed the cream of the crop.

What came as a huge surprise to everyone was that members of two of the biggest FIFA clans, Infinite and Immortals, were beaten before the quarter finals. Kickers members, Boon Shin "Shige" Bence Lim and Muhd “Ash” Ashrul, arguably the biggest names still in contention, progressed to face each other in the quarters while another Kickers member, Muhammad “Vladtheimpalxr” Ruzaini Bin Abdul Aziz, had to work hard to cement his place in the semis.

The semi-finals saw Muhd "Vladtheimpalxr" Ruzaini go up against free agent Muhammad “ImranDeen” Imran bin Burhanudeen while Muhd "Kickers_Ash" Ashrul matched up with newcomer Muqit "Qito" Rosli. As the matches played out, fans began buzzing at the possibility of an all-Kickers final, especially with both Kickers players performing at their peaks and heading straight on collision course.

Fans were partly right when Kickers_Ash breezed through to the finals, but ImranDeen managed to defeat Vladtheimpalxr 2-0 in some tightly contested matches.

The battle for third place saw Vladtheimpalxr and Qito go head-to-head, matching up their skills in every aspect of the game. After a nail-biting three matches, Vladtheimpalxr came out ahead 2-1, securing himself a 3rd place finish and RM 2,000. A special mention goes out to Qito for putting up a great fight and making Vladtheimpalxr work hard for his money!

The finals began with both Kickers_Ash and ImranDeen picking Bayern Munich as their preferred teams. Kickers_Ash opted for the white away kit while ImranDeen went with the red home kit.

ImranDeen’s chosen style of play was fast paced dribbling as he utilized his tricky playstyle to the fullest while Kickers_Ash played a far calmer and composed game. The most noticeable strategic element employed by Kickers_Ash was that he rarely made his players sprint to conserve energy. It was a passing game through and through, and with that approach, he managed to get the ball behind the net when it came down to the wire.

ImranDeen on the other hand, was great on the ball – but took too many risks with his overall strategy and was hesitant to attack and finish when in the box, and that unfortunately cost him the match. It was a tight call, but in the end, Kickers_Ash emerged victorious and brought the grand prize of RM5,000 home to Singapore in a 2-0 sweep. ImranDeen, a local Malaysian player, brought home RM3,000 as the runner-up.

Other prizes were handed out after the grand finals following an inspiring speech by Arthur Ang, Insights and Consumer Engagement Manager from Red Bull, delivered in Malay. Mr. Ang reiterated Red Bull Malaysia’s continued commitment to the eSports space and thanked the FIFA ‘16 community for their support of the tournament. Congratulations are in order for the following individuals for their head stalling skills in The Red Bull Endurance Test: - Kairul Anuar bin Zolkipli (19.67s), Morihan bin Mohamad (28.96s) and Muhamad Qhushairi bin Zulkifle (35.05s). As for the best celebration photo contest, congratulations to Boy JoJo (3rd place), Khairul Anuar (2nd place) and Mesut Amie (1st place).

As the crowd departed The Studio, we reflected on the past 48 hours and saw how big the FIFA ‘16 scene in South East Asia had become and how much larger it could be with the local talent and fan base here in Malaysia and Singapore. We were excited to see free agents from different backgrounds try to beat giants such as the king of AGES 2016, TeamInfinite_AmTuah. The support seen during the semi-finals and finals was frankly overwhelming as one could hear screams from all the way outside the venue. Fans’ enthusiasm and cheers were no different than those heard when watching a live football game. All this showed that the FIFA gaming scene has the potential to quickly become as prominent as Dota 2 and CS:GO in South East Asia.

Congratulations once again to Kickers_Ash, ImranDeen, and Vladtheimpalxr for their splendid play and most importantly, thank you to the fans and players for all your support! Stay tuned for upcoming tournaments for Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Please check out our recap video here.


Red Bull, Energy with #NoLimits.

Red Bull Coliseum (RBC) FIFA ‘16 was sponsored by Red Bull Malaysia and organized by Fallout Gaming and Gamesbond.