Professional Gamers vs Casual Gamers

Professional Gamers vs Casual Gamers

Ever sat through a 4-hour long gaming session, having just beat the entire game on the most difficult setting and thought to yourself: “I’m quite good at this. Maybe I should consider turning professional. If Mushi can earn so much, why can’t I?”

Well, you can. Why not? Nothing is impossible. This article right here will tell you how the average casual gamer differs from those who have turned it into a livelihood and are living what many would consider a dream lifestyle; playing games for a living.

10,000 hours vs Playing When the Mood Strikes

Ever heard of the 10,000-hour rule? The rule says that 10,000 hours of practice are required to become world class at any activity. That’s exactly what is needed from someone wishing to be a professional gamer.

10,000 hours means 1,250 days of playing the same game non-stop for 8 hours a day every single day. Whether you’re actually in the mood to play the game or not is irrelevant. If you want to make it as a professional, you simply have to put in that kind of time. No other way around it.

A casual gamer meanwhile, plays whichever game he or she feels like playing, whenever time allows. Don’t feel like playing your favourite shooter today? Rather go out for a beer? Then don’t reach for your controller! Grab your phone and buzz your friends to meet up for drinks instead! Casual gamers have a choice, unlike the professionals, to play whenever they want to.

Rapid Fire Internet vs Affordable Internet

Ever wondered why a ton of professional gamers hail from South Korea?

One of the reasons is that South Korea has one of the fastest internet service in the world. When the difference between a win and a loss can be down to a microsecond of lag, the best internet serivce possible can be a really good investment. At an average of 26.1 Mbps, the internet in South Korea is 4 times as fast as the world’s average. That’s exactly the kind of speeds required to get to the top of the professional gaming pile. Of course, those kind of speeds don’t come cheap. An aspiring professional gamer may need to shell out a significant chunk of money for speeds like that. Something not everyone can afford.

Casual gamers on the other hand, would be more than happy with a much slower connection speed. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, just give me an internet connection which keeps the lag reasonably low and fast enough to stream my favourite Netflix shows, that’ll be more than sufficient to keep me happy.

Building Your Own Master PC vs Buying a Pre-Built One

Do the words Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 make you salivate? What about Intel Core i7 – 6850? If you answered yes, then perhaps your tastes are geared towards being a professional gamer.

Those who may be considering a career in professional gaming should definitely be prepared to do a significant amount of research into how to custom build their own PC. Custom building your own computer allows you to make a machine which is better suited to the demands of professional gaming. You have got to look for the perfect graphics card, amp up the performance with extra RAM, buy high quality immersive speakers which help with the audio gaming cues and invest in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to prevent strain from long hours of playing.

Someone who games as a hobby on the other hand, can just stroll into their neighbourhood computer shop and pick up a pre-built machine according to their budget. No worrying about getting an absolute top of the line machine or putting hours of research into which component works better for them. In and out. Simple.

Having a Twitch Account vs Having No Idea What Twitch Is

Ever heard of Twitch? It’s one of the most popular services on the internet. It allows users to share their gaming experiences. From DOTA to FIFA, you can live stream your game for others to watch online. Before you think: “Who actually watches strangers play video games?”, consider this: Twitch has more than 100 million active users. That’s three times the entire population of Malaysia! In fact, Amazon recently bought over Twitch for 1 Billion US dollars. So, there’s definitely an enormous amount of money to be made from sites like Twitch.

If you’re serious about getting into professional gaming, chances are that you in fact have heard of Twitch and you’re probably already an account owner. Perhaps you’re even broadcasting your own videos for others to enjoy. If so, congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming a professional!

Reaching for Red Bull vs Going to Bed

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. You’re well aware that you have to wake up early the next day to work. You’ve been playing your favourite game for the last 2 hours but your eyes are red and your eyelids are getting heavy.

Do you

  1. a) shut off the game and get some rest so you can be fresh for your responsibilities tomorrow,


  1. b) get up, walk to your fridge, take out a can of Red Bull and down it to keep your energy levels up?

If you picked option b, you’re likely to have something in common with professional gamers. Who needs a full time 9 to 5 job?

Gaming comes before everything else!