Logitech G: The Science of Winning in Gaming

By Aisaka Miharu, Fallout Gaming Social Squad Member

When someone mentions the word, “Logitech”, the first thing that comes to my mind is one of my earliest gaming memories. Having just bought the latest FIFA game, I found myself extremely frustrated. I was playing the game using a mouse and keyboard in lieu of a controller and no matter how much I tried, the keyboard could never capture the exact direction I wanted my player to pass, tackle or shoot. So, I went out and invested in a brand-new USB gamepad controller, complete with dual analog sticks and plenty of buttons. Before long, I was passing, tackling and shooting like a pro. The name of the company which made that gamepad?

Logitech. Obviously.

The Swiss company, founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta and Giacomo Marini, is nearly ubiquitous in the computer hardware market in over 100 countries nowadays. Their initial call to fame was, of course, the evergreen computer mouse. At the time, a computer mouse was the cutting-edge way of communicating with your computer hardware. Since then, of course, Logitech have diversified into other areas. Keyboards, accessories for mobile devices and even high-quality audio systems are manufactured with plenty of care under the Logitech umbrella.

NBC stage setup

Logitech’s policy has always been to keep innovating and pushing the company in new directions in order to be able to provide their loyal customers with the best that technology has to offer. The company spends a lot of time studying the habits of the public so their engineers can cater to the exact needs of the market, resulting in millions of satisfied customers.

In line with this, Logitech has introduced Logitech G, a child of the Logitech parent company.

Logitech G is focused solely on the already massive but still burgeoning gaming community worldwide, producing high quality gaming gear for those who want to win. The focus on quality above everything else has led them to the pinnacle of the global gaming gear market, earning rave reviews along the way.

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Logitech G has a line of gaming gear encompassing more or less anything and everything a gamer could possibly ever want. Gaming keyboards and mice to boost your shooting accuracy or headsets to allow you to hear enemies sneaking up on you. Entire gaming rigs are available too and even less mainstream products for simulation enthusiasts, such as steering wheels and joysticks, are produced by the brand.

What makes Logitech G’s line-up of gaming essentials any different from that of the other companies in the same industry? It’s simple, they have a philosophy to follow: the science behind winning!

Elite gamers require elite gaming equipment to be successful and emerge victorious in their online skirmishes, no matter what game they may be playing. This is where Logitech G excels.

TSM, sponsored by Logitech G

Picture: TSM, sponsored by Logitech G. Logitech G has won the hearts of top professional esports teams.

The people behind Logitech have a burning passion for the science which makes gaming victories possible. The company carries out thorough research which yields the vital data on which all their gaming instruments are based. The performances of gamers are studied, tested, evaluated and re-evaluated to ensure that the team knows exactly what minute details turn defeats into victories so that they can provide their customers with all the tools needed to make hay.

The reliance on cold, hard scientific research means that Logitech G is constantly pushing the gaming community to higher levels of speed, precision, reliability and comfort with their state of the art technology backed up by a deep understanding of the needs of gamers.

Logitech has been producing award winning gaming solutions for close to 20 years now. Now, the company has renewed its commitment to gamers with its unwavering focus on science backed quality in the gaming world.

At Logitech G, the passion lies in the science that makes winning possible. When science wins, gamers win.

So, let Logitech G help you own!