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Learn to shoot – from the pros!

FIFA ‘16 is all about scoring goals: low shots, cheeky chips, finesse shots, or the tried and tested smash-it-in. In the end, it really doesn’t matter if the goals come from patient Tika-Taka play or high-pressure counter attacks, because to win, you simply have to score one more goal than your opponent. Last week, Malaysian champion Amirul “Amtuah” Afandi shared his approach to passing in FIFA ’16, and this week, we sat down with another member of Red Bull Malaysia-sponsored Team Infinite, Izzal “SamOrai” Syazrul, as he shared how he scores goals in the honorable way of the SamOrai.
First off, let’s run through the regular finishing techniques found in FIFA ’16:

The Standard Shot
The most basic finishing technique is the standard shot and it’s performed by simply pressing the shoot button, which differs depending on whether you’re using the Classic (Circle/B) or Modern Alternative (Square/X) controller setting. The default finishing technique has been a mainstay of the FIFA series since its inception and in the early days was the only way to score a goal, but as technology developed and the in-game AI improved, the series became more realistic, and the odds of scoring using the Standard Shot became dreadfully low. To compensate for the changes, FIFA introduced other finishing techniques that required a little more skill than mashing a single button, but also significantly increased your chances of scoring – much like in real life.

The Finesse Shot
The Finesse Shot is a modified version of The Standard Shot that increases the odds of putting the ball past the keeper, and is performed by pressing R1/RB + Shoot. The Finesse Shot is a powerful, curved shot that can be utilized in a wide variety of situations, like a one-on-one with the keeper or an ambitious long shot from outside the box. Much like its real-life counterpart, the success of a Finesse Shot in FIFA depends highly upon the player’s Curve and Shot Power attributes, as well as having sufficient space around the player to execute the technique. The Finesse Shot is a highly reliable finishing technique to score goals. Too reliable, in fact, as the game’s developer had to scale back its effectiveness in recent years as the Finesse Shot all but guaranteed a goal in older editions of FIFA.

The Chipped Shot
The Chipped Shot, sometimes referred to as The Lobbed Shot, is a highly situational finishing technique that can be performed by pressing L1/LB + Shoot. The Chipped Shot is a very precise, calculated technique that lifts the ball over a keeper’s head just out of his reach, and into the net. A successful Chipped Shot requires the opposing goalkeeper to be caught out of position – usually rushing forwards to challenge the oncoming striker. It’s not often that you’ll find yourself presented with the chance to perform a Chipped Shot, but practice this finishing technique often as opportunities to unleash a Chipped Shot usually mean that you’re one-on-one with the keeper, and you need to be able to convert as many chances as possible to hold your own against the pros.

The Near Post Shot
The Near Post Shot is another great way to score a goal, but is one that requires hours of trial and error to figure out the perfect balance. Often referred to by some pros as the “overpowered shot”, the Near Post Shot is more about positioning than anything else. To perform a Near Post Shot, a player has to get very close to the goal, aim for the top corner, and press the Shoot button to place the shot into the goal. While showing us how he performs the Near Post Shot, SamOrai mentioned that this finishing technique usually doesn't do well against renown shot-stoppers like David De Gea, Gianluigi Buffon, and Petr Cech – but also added that with the right angle, speed, and balance on the power bar, the Near Post Shot can be executed past any goalkeeper. All it takes is hard work, dedication, and a can (or two) of Red Bull to keep your energy levels up.

The Long Shot
Successful Long Shots are a true joy to behold, and nothing makes victory sweeter than to defeat someone with beautiful goal. SamOrai suggested that, to do so, you’d need a player with high ratings on their shot power, strength, and pace. To strike a long shot, you need to escape defenders and find space in the middle, before holding the ball using the player’s preferred foot and smash the ball at the opposite direction of that foot in order to catch the keeper off guard.  With this tip, you can easily wreak havoc by scoring long shots through every opportunity you get.

Player Selection
Not all the players in the game can execute shots the way you want them to. For SamOrai, Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect player to shoot in any style that he wishes, given the space and opportunity. Ronaldo has arguably the best in-game attributes for goal scoring and a convincing amount of pace. Combined with his two-footedness, this makes Ronaldo arguably the deadliest goal scorer in the game.

Team Selection-wise, SamOrai views Real Madrid as the team with the best finishers in the game. With the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale up front, it’s no surprise that the Spanish Giants are his choice, narrowly edging out their bitter rivals FC Barcelona.

Test your newfound knowledge on scoring goals from Izzal “SamOrai” Syazrul by challenging your friends and other players online. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, sign up for the Red Bull Coliseum FIFA '16 Grand Tournament happening later this month, and test your skills against other hungry competitors looking to make a name for themselves as a Professional FIFA player in Malaysia.

Join us again next week on RBEZ as we speak to the players of Red Bull Malaysia-sponsored Team Infinite on setting up formations to win games.


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