FIFA '16 Intermediate Skill Moves


The next step to becoming a pro

In our previous article, we talked about how to perform some basic skills: the Stepover, The Ball Roll, and the Roulette. If you haven’t read that one yet, click here and check it out.

By now, you’ve most likely gotten a good grip of the basics and probably trolled your friends, siblings, or even partners, annoying them with your newfound skill – which may, or may not have resulted controllers being hurled in frustration.

Despite being the newly-crowned Lord of the Stepovers amongst your circle of friends, you need more tricks up your sleeve if you’re seriously about taking it competitive – and we’ve compiled some slightly more advanced skills to allow you to ball with the big boys.

1. Stand Fake Pass

Used in real life by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, the stand fake pass is one of the simplest yet most effective tricks in the book. I’ve personally been using this to frustrate my editor lately, and trust me – his frustration is priceless. Give it a shot.

To perform a stand fake pass, you need to hold R2/RT while standing still and charge up a long pass (hold B/O) – before cancelling it by triggering a short pass (tap X/A).

Your player will kick the ball and drag it back, causing confusion to your opponent.

2. Heel Flick Turn

The Heel Flick Turn is a very Suarez-ish skill move – with 100% less biting. It’s a simple and effective way to get past a defender, and if timed right may open up enough space for your player to land a sweet, curling finesse shot in the top corner.

To perform the Heel Flick Turn, hold the skill modifier button (R1/RB) and quickly flick the right analog stick forward and back.

Your player will drag to ball back, tap it with his rear foot, and knock it in the opposite direction to trick oncoming defenders.

3. Advanced Rainbow

Now this is a classic Neymar move, and almost purely for showboating. If you manage to pull this off and score almost immediately after, bask in your well-deserved glory. This one’s a little trickier than the rest, as timing is key.

To pull off a successful advanced rainbow, drag the right analog stick backwards, and then flick it forwards – twice. Timing is key here, and if you get it right, your player will lift the ball over the onrushing defender’s head, leaving the defender scrambling to chase you.

With these intermediate skills in your pocket, you are one step closer to being a world champion. Work hard, train hard, and crack open a can of Red Bull to give you a little edge over your opponents.


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