FIFA '16 Basic Skill Moves


FIFA – an eSport with boundless potential in Malaysia 

The FIFA video game franchise has dominated console gaming for decades as one of EA Sports’ top selling franchises, and the series’ performance was no different in 2015 as it comfortably placed in the top 10 best selling games in various countries. Despite recording a 7% drop in sales over the previous installments, the competitive scene of FIFA has been taking off in the past year or so, with multiple major tournaments being held around the globe. Malaysia decided to join in the fun as well, hosting high-profile, high-prize pool tournaments such as MCG 2015, AGES 2016, and the upcoming Red Bull Coliseum. Malaysia also has her own high-profile FIFA player, with Red Bull and Fallout Gaming-sponsored Infinite.Amtuah sitting pretty at fourth in all-time FIFA 16 earnings – worldwide.

However, before you compete against the likes of Infinite.Amtuah – you have to nail the basics. Here’s a couple of basic tricks that can give you a competitive edge over your opponents:

1. The Stepover

You may not be able to pull an Aubameyang and do this in real life, but you can at least put your opponents in their place by doing it in FIFA 16. This skill only requires you to tilt or rotate your right analog stick forward to the left or right, depending on the direction you wish to step.

This step-over can be quickly utilized to confuse opponents with fluid ball control and a quick change of direction.

2. The Ball Roll

The Ball Roll is a simple move that might actually help your speedy Winger win a 1-on-1 against that not-that-fast Centre Back.

The Ball Roll can be performed by pushing the right stick in the direction you are running, knocking the ball past your opponent and allowing you to utilize your player’s pace to devastating effect. Use this skill for to make space, and also to retain momentum and possession as you assault your opponent’s goal. 

You will also have a field day using this trick against aggressive players in the box, as this trick is very prone to drawing fouls – and penalties.

3. The Roulette

The Roulette was made famous by the current Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane as a player, as he helped France win the World Cup and European Championship with some dazzling performances.

To perform a roulette, pull the right analog stick back and rotate it 270º in either direction – pull left to spin left, pull right to spin right. This skill is good for escaping speedy defenders, as it puts the body of your player between the defender and the ball.

With these basic skills in your pocket, you are one step closer to being a world champion. You might also be able to surprise your friends with your newfound skills – and humiliate them in the game.


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