Dota 2 Basics Part 3: Rollin in Gold [Last Hitting Lifehacks]



Fundamentals of last hitting

 Red Bull E-Sports Zone (RBEZ) is proud to bring you another guide for Dota 2 and today will share with you about the fundamentals of last hitting.

Last hitting creeps are important fundamentals in Dota 2 as it awards the player extra gold. It’s also the safest/fastest way to accrue gold for buying important items. Other ways of gaining gold are: passive gains overtime, Hand of Midas, Death Pact, Demonic Conversion, Buildings last hits, Roshan and Heroes kills.

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So what exactly is last hitting? Last hitting delivers a killing blow to an enemy creep, while denies are killing blows to allied creeps. To deny an allied creep, the total unit’s HP must be below 50%. A key reason why players deny is because it denies gold and experience from the enemy, which are valuable resources in the game.

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Generally in an early game, your heroes do about 50 dmg on average. To last hit melee creeps, you should wait until its total HP pool reaches about 8% and for range creeps it would be about 15% of its total HP pool.

Other things to note are patterns of the wave attacking each other. It is easier to look at the range creeps or the tower attacking as they do the most damage. Timing your attacks to hit right after the projectile hits would be the optimal scenario. Luckily, all the creeps have a base attack time (BAT) of 1 per second. However, most heroes have BAT of 1.7, which means you can’t attack twice before the creeps do early on.

So timing is very important. Sometimes you have to attack a creep in advance to prepare for a last hit later. This is especially true while under towers. A tier 1 tower will usually do about 18% damage of a melee creeps total hp pool. That means it will take 6 hits to wipe out the creep. If you replace 1 tower hit with two hits of your own (5 tower hits), your third hit will generally land the killing blow. For range creeps, towers would do 36% damage, meaning it would take 3 hits. So once again replace 1 tower hit with two of yours and the third should land the killing blow.

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Siege creeps are more up to chance as a tower can sometimes take 3 or 4 hits to destroy a siege creep. So don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it.

The last tips would be a position to perform a last hit in advance. Your heroes turn rate, windup attack animation and projectile/swing speed heavily influence your ability to last hit especially when being contested by an enemy. For range heroes don’t be afraid to go close into melee range if possible to minimize travel time of your attack projectile.


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