5 Facts About Playing In The SEA Region

As we all know that there are quite a number of servers around the world that Valve has provided to us gamers. But, by playing in different regions, we get different players and different gaming scenarios. In this article, we will be focusing on the facts about playing in the SEA region.

Number 1 - Almost everybody wants to be the carry in game. Being carry's, especially hard carry's has the special privilege of taking most of the farm and also being able to be on a killing spree most of the time. This is why most of the SEA players choose to be the carry in game because no one wants to be a boring support having to buy wards and pulling creeps.

Number 2 - Being yelled at. Most of the Dota players will have a chance of being yelled at by a fellow player whenever the game is losing. Being South East Asian, I can say that we are more vocal than our brothers over in the West. This is why we tend to "communicate" more during game sessions.

Number 3 - Teamwork. We don't really get much teamwork over at the SEA server as some of the players over here thinks they are better than the rest. Therefore, this ignorance often lead to arguments causing them to lose the game.

Number 4 - Most of the players like to go jungling. This happens most of the time as the jungle can be a "comfort zone" for beginners because fights are less likely to happen in the jungle during early games… or so they think.

Lastly, Number 5 - Getting reported for all kinds of reasons. The report system in DOTA is to help the Admins to control toxic players in the game. But some players over here in the SEA region tend to abuse this privilege.

I’m sure most of us have been through at least one of these (or maybe all of them) while playing in the SEA server and it could be quite draining. But you can always grab a can of Red Bull in the meantime and tune in again for our next story!

Till then,

Red Bull, Charge Ahead!